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About Us

Starcom Information Technology Limited – established in the year 1995 is a listed company on Bombay Stock Exchange (BOM: 531616), HQ in Bangalore, India is a leader for Automated data management and Customer 360 platform for Insurance and Banking industry which includes Customer 360°, Data Quality, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Products and Services.


An Interactive UI driven Self Service Customer 360 automated platform for BFSI Industry, serves as single point of contact for front-end Digital systems, CRM Systems, Business Intelligence, Call Center, Bots and Mobile Apps to deliver the comprehensive 360° view of the Customer. Star360 platform has an embedded StarDQ to perform Data Quality activities such as Cleansing, Enrichment, De duplication etc.


A powerful, real time automated enterprise solution for Data Cleansing, De-duping, Clustering and enriching the data. StarDQ has processed more than 1 Billion Customer Records, StarDQ is a completely Automated Data Quality engine which embeds into the customer's existing business workflow and eliminates the need for any manual data quality teams and services.


Self Service business intelligence software empowers business users by turning data into actionable insights and enables organizations to improve their decision making. StarBI, an intelligent self-service Business Intelligence tool, allows you to discover trends, track KPIs and visualize data. Connect to multiple data sources, create and schedule reports & dashboards, set alerts and run predictive analytics with our drag-and-drop GUI in less than 10 clicks!

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Starcom Information Technology Limited, HQ in Bangalore, India listed on BSE is a leading provider of expert Enterprise Data Quality, Self-Service Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Products and Services.