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Education improvement with quality data

Education improvement with quality data

Low-quality, inaccurate data can erode ROI quickly and, in some cases, irretrievably. Poor data quality results in misleading analysis. It can lead educators to faulty conclusions and suboptimal decisions. And once stakeholders lose confidence in the accuracy and quality of the data, the system is, perhaps forever, perceived as unreliable. Stakeholders abandon its use, and ROI is destroyed.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to improve education - or anything else - without good data. Right now, that information frequently isn’t available. In fact, the data gaps are huge. Consider the startling facts:

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Institutional Intelligence

The Institutional Intelligence dashboard is an Interactive Dashboards that provides at-a-glance views into key measures and trends to assist decision-makers in institution's strategic planning efforts.

Student Portal

We have design a Student Portal with versatile features, user-friendly functionality, surprising simplicity – it all adds up to a satisfying student experience and a clear path to course completion.

Retention rate analysis

Accurately and systematically collecting and analyzing various types of student data guides a range of decisions made by First-Year Experience & Student Retention. StarBI gives you a perfect insight of the student data to maximize student retention.